The Brewery 

'Where the magic happens'

We love our traditional roots here at GWB, but we aren’t ones to shy away from trying something new either. Our independence allows us to bring you an ongoing series of exciting, dynamic tastes to match the seasons and try some great craft brews.

  • Estabished


    ‣ 2007


  • Brew Length

     1600 Litres

    ‣ 10 Brewers Barrels

     2800 Pints

  • Produced

     2.1 Million Litres

    ‣ 3.7 Million Pints

     0.37 Million (ish) Hangovers

"We believe in 'Craft' beer"

We brew beer that pushes the boundaries of tastes, combining everything and anything we think might work in a frothy pint from your local.

"We regard sustainability very seriously"

We brew all our beer with spring water from our very own borehole, increasing quality by 10 fold.

The nitrogen rich whole leaf hops, which are dug out of our copper after every brew get picked up by locals for use on the allotment as fertiliser.

Spent grains get dug out of the mashtun and picked up by the local farmer or Farmer Del Ray, as we like to call him. 87 years young and still moving in 5th gear.

Soon to have solar and ground a source heat pumps to offset our colossal electricity bill.

"We are a family run, independent brewery"
 2 generations of the Stone family are fully involved in the company. Ashley, head of production is responsible for creating recipes, brewing, packaging and, of course, testing. Leanne is head of the sale and accounts. She looks after the many customers that want and need GWB products.
"We will give you the best experience we can"
We are of course as committed to the quality of our brewing as we are to our social and business responsibilities.

We even buy in un-crushed Marris Otter malt and use our malt mill to crush it ourselves to keep that malty freshness locked in for longer before we use.

Brewery Tours

We are passionate about our beer and what to show you how we do it.

Book onto a tour or book a private tour for 10 - 40 people.

Brew Crew

Meet the team, If you order beer over the phone and want to put a face to that voice. 

Or just want to picture someones face while you get acquainted with our beer.

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