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Mr Macchiato is back in stock. This Version adds more dark malts, more coffee and a different yeast.

This time we increased the grist % of the chocolate malt. Deepening the chocolate, coffee notes.

We changed the yeast to a lager strain but kept the fermenting parameters the same as an ale. The use of lager yeast (Saccharomyces Pastorianus) provides a cleaner crisper taste due to the strain being able to metabolise a wider variety of nutrients present in the wort. Pastorianus is less expressive than an ale yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae). This is because the yeast doesn't produce any of the flavour components usually associated with ale fermentation, Esters being a main contributing factor. The cold fermentation temperature (typically 10°C - 14°C) of a lager strain helps to ensure the yeast has even less of an impact on flavour. Mr Macchiato, on the other hand, was fermented at 20°C to try and accentuate any flavour the yeast might impart.

We used Colombian El Carmen Sugar Cane Decaf coffee beans in this beer. It's Medium/Dark roast and has tasting notes of Chocolate, Vanilla and Red Fruits.


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