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Some of you might have noticed the Moose has become a lot more full-flavoured and hoppy. This is down to a slight change in the hopping regime and the use of a new bit of kit.

This applies to both bottled beer and draft beer. The recipes are exactly the same. Bottled Moose River is basically cask Moose River carbonated & lightly filtered. To see our cask and bottles range go to The Beer Shop.

Hopping Regime

We didn't think Amarillo was doing much in the recipe so we removed it and replaced it with Centennial. A lovely hop that blends well with most other American hops.

Mosaic is Still the prominent hop in this beer as we think it's one of the best hops out there.

Hop Infusing

Our new dry hop infuser is designed to be used after primary fermentation once most of the yeast has dropped out of suspension. It consists of a pump system which recirculates beer around a vessel. Inline there is a hopper which holds the hops. The hops are added to the flow of the beer and the pump shears the hops on their way to the fermenter. This then recirculated hops and beers around the Fermenter for a few hours. The taste extraction is unbelievably more efficient than plopping hops into the top of a vessel and waiting for infusion, which can take up to 2 weeks.

We had to figure out what efficiencies we are getting when using it so you may have noticed some fluctuations in some of the hoppy beers recently. We believe we have nailed down the compensation factor when hopping now. Onward and upward as they say.


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